CGC Submission Service with 204Comics

204Comics is pleased to offer facilitation to CGC Grading Services.
We are an authorized member of CGC and have years of experience submitting comics to them on your behalf.

What is CGC?

Certified Guaranty Company is a leading third party grading service for comic books.

Why send books to CGC?

Grading your comics takes most of the guesswork out of determining the value. Generally speaking, collectors often prefer a “sure thing” as far as condition, when it comes to purchasing books. Alternatively, if you have no plans to sell your comics, grading them is an excellent method of conserving the condition for years to come.

    Why use 204Comics to send books for grading?

    • All tedious paperwork is completed for you
    • Cost includes all shipping and a press
    • No yearly membership for you to incur
    • quick turn around time
    • Years of trusted experience pressing/cleaning comics

      How do I send my books to CGC?

      Shoot us an Email or Facebook message and we can set up an appointment to review your books and answer any questions you have.

      Cost to send

      • Modern Tier with Fast Track Service $80
      • Standard Tier $120
      • Custom tiers available upon request! (Magazine, Value, Economy)


      Feel free to contact us if you have any questions by email to
      For the latest updates and specials make sure to follow us on our Facebook Page

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