Marvel Premiere #10

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Strange enters Ancient One's mind, and battles Shuma-Gorath for mankind's Soul; To destroy Shuma-Gorath, who feeds on the mind of the Ancient One, Strange kills the Ancient One; The Ancient One becomes One with the Universe.

First Printing: Sept 1973
Writers: Steve Englehart and Frank Brunner
Art: Frank Brunner and Neal Adams' Continuity Studios [as The Singing Sons of the Crusty Bunkers]
Cover: Frank Brunner

Key Issue Details:
- 1st appearance of Shuma-Gorath, an incredibly powerful Lord of Chaos
- Death of the Ancient One, killed by Dr. Strange to vanquish Shuma-Gorath
- Doctor Strange becomes Sorcerer Supreme after the Ancient One sacrificed himself to bequeath his powers to Strange

Note: The 2.0 copy we have in stock of this book has some significant tearing on the cover, though the cover is still attached.